Magickally Shifted

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 Have you ever had a dream? A dream that, no matter how hard or impossible it may seem, you'd do anything just to obtain it? I'm sure we all have at some point or another. 

 I have a dream, and that dream is to become a mermaid. By sharing my magickal journey with you all, I wish to provide a bit of hope for those of you who have seemed to come to a dead end. I'd like all of you to know that no matter how difficult, impossible, or outrageous a dream may seem, it can and will become your reality. 

 You just have to believe in yourself, and the power of your mind and the universe will carry you the rest of the way...


1.) You Must Make your OWN album for your own PERSONAL shifting progress. No messing with anybody elses photo albums. Albums such as mermaids are public albums and can be edited and added onto by anyone :)

P.S. When making your own shifting album, be sure to put it in the proper Catergory entitled with the proper month and entitle it with your name first. Ex..) "Lauren's July Shifting"

2.) No judging peoples photos. Keep rude comments to yourselves.

3.) No claiming other peoples progress "fake". We all progress at different rates