Magickally Shifted

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Beginning the Process...

Beginning the process to become a mermaid is a long, hard journey. Only those with true dedication and patience will succeed. 


Now, before we begin the process of becoming a mermaid, we have to discuss something. Is this what your heart and soul truly desires? To be a part of the sea forever? There is no going back, and you must make sure that you're becoming a mermaid for the SINCERE REASONS. 

Becoming a mermaid is not a way to escape your troubles or fix all of your problems because it won't. I used to think that becoming a mermaid would fix all of my struggles that I had in life, but in reality, becoming a mermaid is so much more than escaping reality. It's creating a NEW reality for yourself. And thus, creating a whole new set of hardships and experiences.

If you love the sea, and it makes you feel whole, complete, and at peace: if you would do anything to connect and become a part of it, then the path of becoming a mermaid could be for you. Just make sure that you are becoming a mermaid for the right reasons because this is a PERMANENT choice. Once you shift your tail, there's no return policy.



Firstly, what is shifting? Shifting, short for shape-shifting, is the ability to transform one's physical and/or mental physique into that of something else using the power of the mind and one's own energy

Using mind power, energy, chi, or even magick if you will, to shift: These are all the same things practically. You are simply using your intentions and thoughts to create a new physical (internal and external changes) appearance and/or mental mindset for yourself

Now that we understand what shifting is, allow me to take you through the start of your journey

Let us begin. . .

Research / "Fantasy Shifting"

In this stage of shifting., you will be learning all that you can about what type of mermaid you wish to become. The type of mermaid you become will affect your habitat, whether you will migrate or not, what you will eat, etc. 

There are many things that you must keep note of and research during this stage of the shifting process. YES, with shifting, there is research, but do not get discouraged. It tends to not bothersome or boring since you are learning more about the sea and your mermaid life to be! Just think about it; you're actually creating and learning about yourself as a mermaid. The research is the first step to transforming into what you longed to be!

Here, are some of the basic things that you should take note of as you research. These are just a few, not all, of the things you should consider....

1.) What type of mermaid will you become (keep note of whether the type of mermaid you choose is a salt or fresh water mermaid)? 

2.) Where will you live as a mermaid/what will your habitat be like? Is it cold or warm? Light or dark? (Refer to your type of mermaid for guidance).

3.) What will you eat as a mermaid? Include things that you'll eat in the sea AS WELL AS a human on land. It is important to know WHAT the types of fish and sea vegetation (aka seaweed. sea fruits, etc.) you will eat and where they can be found in the sea. Not everything in the sea is safe to eat or be around, so make sure you know your stuff!

4.) How will your diet benefit your body? Make sure that it reflects what you do as a mermaid. For example, if you are mostly going to be hunting and/or migrating, make sure you have a high energy diet that is also high in protein and some decent amount of vegetation if you can manage.

5.) Are you going to have gills, larger/enhanced lungs, or both? If you are going to have gills, what type of gills will you have (salt water only, fresh water only, or gills replicated from an animal who can breathe both fresh and salt water)?

6.) What would your physical attributes be? Aka: hair, eyes, skin, hands (webbed or not?), tail structure and colour, stronger/denser bones, collapsible/expandable rib cage (so your bones don't break under the immense water pressure), expandable lungs, aquatically adept inner ears (possibly even physically  different/more "aquatic" outer ear structure), etc. This is EXTREMELY important to know! You want to make sure that when you physically shift your tail, your body is properly equipped to handle being in the sea.

7.) What aquatic animals will your mermaid mindset, behavior, and instincts be based off of? For example, a bottle nose dolphin is protective over it's pod, is very playful, protective over those it cares about, is energetic and bubbly, etc. It's very important to take notes and do research on this matter, for it will be necessary as you connect to your mermaid side/self. You do not have to necessarily base your ENTIRE mental state on an aquatic animal though. A large part of your mermaid mindset is a reflection of your habitat, what you will have to do to survive in your habitat, and how you think your mermaid type behaves as well. For example, an mermaid who lives in colder waters or travels would have to be more cautious and on the look out than a mermaid who lives near places like kelp forests or reefs that have bountiful food supply.

8.) What is your personality like now? What things (ex. interests, are you more caring, obsessed with the sea, etc.) are enhanced/added to it now as you acquire your mermaid mindset?

Once you have your research finished, feel free to draw yourself as a mermaid or find a picture that represents what you will look like in your mermaid form (This is optional of course, but it is very helpful in visualizing your mermaid self). Keep in mind your mermaid type and habitat. You wouldn't want a bright red tail in a kelp forest! 

*Make sure that you are good and familiar with your "f-shift" research before moving on in the shifting process.*