Magickally Shifted

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 "The Mental Shift" ~ Connecting      

Connecting with the water and connecting with yourself play a big role in becoming a mermaid. Without connection, there is no emotion, no desire to drive you forward towards your goal. With connection, we mermaids feel a longing so strong for the ocean. That longing, that desire, that is what pushes us forward and keeps us motivated. 

As you progress along the path to becoming a mermaid, your faith may wane with different rates of success. But staying connected with your mermaid side and the ocean will help get you through the toughest times of shifting, and it will ultimately push you closer to your goal.

Here, I will shed some light on different ways to connect with your mermaid side and the ocean. Ultimately, it is your choice as to how you wish to approach this matter, but nonetheless, I hope that I may provide some guidance. 


~I find that through meditation, anything is possible~

Meditation is a very unique and flexible tool, for it can be used for many things. In this case, I will be explaining how you can use meditation to further connect with the ocean and your mermaid side/self.

Meditation does not come easily to everyone, and it can take a few or several weeks to get  the hang of meditating. For this reason, I don't always like to put the label of "meditation" on everything when it comes to shifting and connecting. Most of the time, meditation is simply visualizing and/or clearing your mind.